Chain driven crawler track undercarriage

Do you need a complete chain driven crawler track undercarriage? Then we are the right partner for you.
Our tracked undercarriages are multifunctional and designed for loads from 300 kg to 400,000 t. Depending on the load and desired capacity, crawler tracks with exchangeable rubber or steel chains are available.

The chain driven crawler tracks we offer are characterised by their low ground pressure, 360° turning capability and excellent off-road capability. You will also find what you are looking for in the case of specific applications and situations, for which we can offer extendable crawler tracks or high-speed crawler tracks. The crawler tracks are equipped with vibration-protection crawler tracks as standard, which ensure less wear and tear and offer greater comfort. If there is a need for a customized crawler track solution, we are happy to support you! 

Crawler track undercarriage with rubber tracks

A typical feature of a rubber tracked crawler track system is its low ground pressure, which makes it suitable for almost any type of substrate. Rubber tracks are often used to minimize damage to the ground. Depending on the crawler track system, we can supply you with rubber tracks in various standard sizes and designs. There is also the option of making rubber tracks to measure.

Crawler track undercarriage with steel chains

As a rule, crawler tracks with steel chains are used when the application requires a higher load – and high traction. Crawler track systems with steel crawler tracks are often used for loads of more than 15 tons or if, for example, the ground consists of sharp stones. Typical for steel chains is their long service life with appropriate maintenance, in addition they offer high stability. As with rubber tracks, we can offer you tailor-made solutions that deviate from standard dimensions.

Extendable crawler track undercarriage system

In our portfolio you will also find hydraulically extendable track systems. In applications where extendable crawler tracks are used, the required width of the track is usually the most important factor. Examples are narrow passages or when additional stability is required.

High speed crawler track undercarriage

High-speed track systems are often an efficient solution when the crawler track regularly has to travel longer distances. Top speeds of up to 25km/h can be achieved with these crawler tracks..


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